I am an artist and researcher whose practice brings together technology, literature and drawing to create both art and critical writing.  I am very interested in working with abstract collections of information or data, particularly self-generated data sets, to create new and unusual narratives in a variety of mediums, and how new technologies, such as machine learning, can be used to translate them clearly to an audience.  I work heavily with technology at both the front and back end of projects (what is exhibited as well as the research that goes into the piece). My intention is to make work that is not about technology for its own sake, but rather uses these technologies as a tool to talk about other things - memory, love, decay -  or to augment or change the story in a way in that otherwise would not happen. I am interested in the connections and spaces between the tangible and intangible world - for example, the connections between race and algorithms or love and emails.  I am currently working with and researching the creative potential of machine learning, and how it relates to drawing and painting.

I have degrees from the Royal College of Art, Oxford University, University of Arts London and have shown at a variety of cultural institutions and galleries including Ars Electronica, Sheffield Documentary Festival, Leverhulme Centre for Future Intelligence, Tate Modern, Centre Pompidou and the V&A.