All Her Beautiful Green Remains In Tears (2018) 

In collaboration with Dr. Amy Cutler 


Her Beautiful Green Remains In Tears (2018, work in progress) consists of re-purposed footage from Walt Disney's Nature's Half Acre (1951), with its parables about domesticated postwar suburbia: nest building, chick rearing, mother love, industrious insects, and traditional gender roles. In this case, the new voiceover - replacing Winston Hibler - also focuses on romantic anthropomorphism. The difference is this voiceover has been generated by a neural network which has learned its existence entirely from reading the female protagonist voice in romance novels. Using image recognition/ closed captioning, it tells an entirely different story of the birds and the bees of nature documentary: one of female desire, trauma, masochism, and emotional fantasy. Commissioned by Live Cinema UK. 

Please email for a vimeo link for the film.