Untitled (Drawing with Sound)  (2017) 

Training a neural net on the different marks that I make when I draw, I worked with composer Ben Heim from the Royal College of Music to create a score that is played as I draw. 


Drawing with Sound is a durational performance project which turns the act of drawing into a musical instrument, made with composer Ben Heim from the Royal College of Music.  I trained a neural net to recognise shapes that recur in my life-drawing sketches. While performing a pair of glasses with a webcam attached recognises shapes which trigger recordings of a soprano. The performance occurs over a period of time, with the track drawn in charcoal on a white wall and then erased, echoing the repetitions that a machine learning programme goes through in different epochs when training and learning. Because each track is redrawn in the same space, traces build up over time, which causes disorder, and, ultimately entropy - a track drawn at the start will be clearer and more precise than one made towards the end.

Featured in Alphr: "Life Drawing and Machine Learning: An interview with Anna Ridler"