Sensory Apparatus (2016)

Interactive installation using arduino, processing, kinect, data from OCR's Floodwatch (chrome extension).  

Comprising a three-room installation and an educational room across the entire gallery floor of Blitz, Sensory Apparatus was a collaborative, interdisciplinary installation. It  made the incessant flow of data we constantly and often unknowingly create via our interaction with the internet visible and tangible by presenting it in a variety of different formats (sound, light, material).

The audience entered the space by having to navigate through over 2 km of elastic that was strung from wall to wall, mimicking the sensation of trawling the internet. In the next room they were confronted with an audio version of the very algorithms that control so much of the way that we access and give out information. In the final room, online advertising, obtained through the Floodwatch chrome extension, was projected onto the viewer and followed them throughout the space.

This project was in collaboration with Libby Heaney and Bonamy Devas.