No Replacements Found (2015)

This project questions the decisions made by corporations on what are considered taboo terms and whether this reflects mainstream culture.  This piece explores how autocorrect works on Apple’s operating systems and discovers the words that are considered so taboo that even a slight misspelling will never return a correction. By scoring out words -a traditional method of censorship - the dictionary becomes a disobedient object: calling attention to but not revealing these words.

Mapping these words onto a standard Concise Oxford English dictionary as a proxy for most frequency used words significantly dropped the number of words that would not autocorrect to less than 200. Some words are obviously archaic, but most reveal Apple’s conservatism around topics such as abortion, suicide, sexuality and non-stereotypical sexuality; words that are not usually considered ‘dangerous’. Out of such a small number of words, these choices are revealing.

More information on this project here.